All of them want
to avoid oil frying

Lightfry’s friends

Santa Maria

With whom else would you like to talk about the future of street food if not with Santa Maria. Together we create a concept with the goal ”quality to go”.


An important partner in our development work for fast-food and quality of shops’ advance bookings.

Lamb Weston

Serving the world with potatoes. Lamb Weston is the best when it comes to potatoes. That is an important part of Eatgood’s whole experience. Quality in, quality out.

Erik Brännström – The Wild Cook

Soon available as book about street food, soon available with menus of street food.


One of the world’s leading food corporation helps us with the world’s best coffee and joint sales, where our products are gathered under one name.

Doft och Smak

One of the largest Swedish food blogger and cook, Matias Zackrisson, follows our work on street food. You find his and our cooperation on Instagram, Facebook and his blog.