The focus is on food,
technology and market

Eatgood with its headquarters in Borås and production in Habo. With the knowledge that it is difficult to change people’s behaviour and habits, the business idea is to develop technologies and products that enable healthy meals of translational grocery and without people needing to change their habits. Through development and tests, we are today the only ones with Air Fry Technology that offers the market a technology that fries with steam and warm air, rather than with frying oil. The technology is used in our Lightfry oven.


Michael Johansson

Phone  +46 703 88 99 91

Henrik Önnermark

CEO / Area sales manager USA
Phone  +46 736 87 21 26

Niclas von Schantz

Marketing Strategy
Phone +46 708 12 02 83

Bettina klinger

Area Sales Manager / Europe


EatGood Sweden AB / Källbäcksrydsgatan 6507 42 Borås SWEDEN

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