The Restaurant Show

The Restaurant Show became another successful trade show, we are very happy that we can finally gather and exhibit at physical fairs and meet potential customers as well as interesting people. LightFry is once again getting positive response and people are amazed by its unique technology and the great final products. Air is the new oil!

Henrik Önnermark, CEO at Eatgood Sweden AB and Lorna Parker, Sales Coordinator at Valentine Equipment & Cuisinequip

Casual Dining Show - a successful trade fair

Together with our distributor in the Great Britain we have had two intensive and great days meeting the British market. There is a very high interest in LightFry and Air Fry Technology. We can happily say that the Casual Dining Show was a great sucess and we will continue to meet the British market this week at The Restaurant Show.

We welcome Anna Johansson as new Marketing Manager (CMO) to EatGood

We welcome Anna Johansson as the new Marketing Manager (CMO). She will lead the company’s major investment in further developing the brand and strengthening the company’s market position, with a high focus on digital presence and media as well as trade fairs with increased sales as a clear goal.

HostMilano show

This October 22 – 26, we will exhibit the HostMilano show which is the world leading trade fair dedicated to the world of catering and hospitality.

The Restaurant Show

LightFry will continue to meet the british food tech and restaurant market at The Restaurant Show, taking place on 27-29 September 2021.

Casual Dining Show

Between September 23rd and 24th, LightFry will meet the British food tech and restaurant market during the Casual Dining show in London.

MAFSI reps in the US,
Our new team in the US

HB Specialty Foods has signed six regions in the US within the MAFSI group. The signed regions are as follows:

Region 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 which includes some of the most populated areas in the US including New York and Philadelphia on the east coast. For more info see With 270+ rep agencies, 220+ manufacturers and 2,400 members strong. Spanning North America, feeding 300 million people and changing an industry the MAFSI group is a partner to count on.

We’re looking forward to a great cooperation with the sales team within the MAFSI group.

News for the US -
Lightfry 12U as 4-wire unit

Lightfry is now available for the US market with a new and more common electrical configuration. Lightfry LF12U-4 is the new version which is a 3PH + PE model without Neutral. This Lightfry unit is for the US market more of a plug and play unit since a lot of older buildings does have an electrical configuration with 3PH + PE.