Economy, safety and health

In order to avoid the dangerous frying oil in the kitchen, the food preparation offers many benefits. Both you, who has experiences frying with oil and you, who wants to offer fried food, can only win by using the air frying system by Lightfry

less fat

The only oil that might be in your food fried with Lightfry is the one that might have been added by your supplier.

0% fire

One of the high risks involved with oil frying is the risk of fire and fire damage. With Lightfry, you avoid that.

0% oil

Frying with oil means oil fog and slippery floors. Lightfry offers you a much comfortable working environment. You avoid work damages, time-consuming cleaning and danger.


All together, Lightfry offers benefits of up to 70 percent lower operation costs compared to frying with oil.

50% less energy

Calculations show that Lightfry’s energy consumption is approximately 50 percent lower than frying with oil.


When you leave in the evening, you only need to close the hatch and Lightfry takes care of the rest. An automatic cleaning system presents your machine shining clean each morning.