Air frying instead
of dangerous oil.

New rules of the game for
frying with Lightfry


Air Fry Technology in the Lightfry oven offers the market an oven that fries in a 100% oil free process. It immediately changes the conditions and possibilities for parties serving food.

Frying oil and traditional frying involves high costs, bad working environment and large risks. Frying requires grease traps, expensive air-conditioning and time-consuming cleaning. Furthermore, the occurring oil fog smells, impurifies and increases the risk of slipping in the kitchen. In additional, frying with oil involves fire hazard and might lead to fire and fire damage. Therefore, frying stands for high investments and high costs for oil and handling.

The Lightfry oven sets new levels: No acquisition costs and handling of oil, no investments for air-conditioning and grease traps, approximately 50 percent less energy consumption than traditional frying and lower installation costs.

Furthermore, not only traditional restaurants and food institutions, but also the small coffee shop, the playground and the gas station can start to offer fried food much to the pleasure of their customers. And considerably healthier food, as frying with Air Fry Technology contains 40-60 percent less fat in the ready food.



Preparation is divided into two steps. The first steam stage gets the food well done.


Warm air

That is followed by step two, where lots of warm and dry air gives the food its crisp surface.



A rotating drum at the end of the oven space guarantees a high and even quality of crisp food, colour and texture.